19 October, 2010

Those with oily skin shouldn't moisturise daily -myth or fact?

Not many of us are blessed with a perfect skin. A few tend to have dry, a few oily and others a combination skin. Dry skin needs moisturising several times during the day. But oily skin can do without moisturisers. Is it so? Let us find out.

The belief:

Those with oily skin shouldn’t moisturise daily.

The fact:

Skin’s suppleness and youthful look is based on its retention power of moisture content. As we age, this power slowly decreases with time. We need external help in the form of moisturisers to keep it looking smooth and supple.

Oily skin produces extra oil or sebum which makes it look shiny and blotchy. The extra oil doesn’t help to moisturise the skin. It rather attracts dirt and grime blocking the skin pores and creating possibilities of acne and blackhead.

Usually products meant for oily skin rip off the natural moisture along with the oil from the skin. The cleansers and soaps used to wash off oil from the skin are rather harsh. So, an oily skin needs some form of moisturiser to keep the skin well hydrated and supple. A daily moisturiser is a must for all types of skin though the medium could be different. Those with oily skin can use gel or lotion based light moisturisers instead of creamy ones.

Dr Meha Mhatre, owner, Tressez Trichology and Advanced skin care suggests:

Oily skin produces a lot of oil, so many think that a moisturiser will add up to its greasiness. But on the contrary if your skin is well hydrated with moisturisers, it helps to normalise the production of sebum.

Look for products which are gel based or water based. It is best to use your moisturiser twice a day to help the skin retain its moisture content.

Dr Preeti Savardekar consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist at Shri Krishna Polyclinic states:

Oily skin needs moisturiser daily. Daily moisturiser helps to keep it looking young and fresh. Make sure to keep the oily skin free from oil and dirt as much as possible to avoid skin problems. Apply moisturiser to a clean skin after washing off excess oil with a good face wash. It will help to get absorbed effectively and hydrate the skin well.

Use moisturiser with SPF to protect your skin from dryness and sun damage.

The Verdict

Our experts are unanimous on the importance of moisturising oily skin. Moisturising is helpful in keeping skin supple and smooth. It helps to retain youthful glow and keeps the skin in good condition. It also controls the production of extra oil or sebum in the skin.

Parimita Chakravorty

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