19 October, 2010

Festive hairstyles: To go with your traditional wear.

Festivities and dressing up go hand in hand. All the festive ceremonies require you to be at your traditional best. Let us list a few hair styles which will go well with your traditional wear this season.

Chignon or High bun:
Chignon is a versatile hair-do. It goes well with both western and traditional wear. It can get you the required sophistication and class. You can accessorise it with decorative combs, silk flowers and other hair pieces to enhance the style.

How to achieve the look: Take your entire hair and spray it with hair volumiser. Now back comb your hair near the crown. It will create a bushy texture which is easy to manage and style. Tie your hair into a high ponytail. Take the entire pony tail and start twisting and turning your hair in one direction and envelop all the hair in the ponytail into a round bun. Fix the ends with clips. Set the high bun with bobby pins. Use a hair fixing spray to keep it on for long. Sunita Motwani Makhija, director of SCHNELL HANS International School of Beauty, Hairdressing and Cosmetology suggests applying finger waves framing your face to make this style more appealing.

Updos-elaborate: Elaborate updos look glamorous and is not very difficult to style. It looks good with both indo-western and traditional look.

How to achieve the look: Wash and blow dry your hair. Apply volumiser and let your hair dry out completely. Tie all your hair in a pony tail around the crown leaving aside the bangs or a few strands to frame your face. Create curls or waves with the help of curling tongs in the ponytail hair. Now, loosely wind each strand in the shape of a bun and pin each curl to your head with a pin. Spray the curls with hairspray to keep them in place. Sunita suggests using right hair products for styling to avoid a sticky glued look.

Curls and waves: Curls and waves are best suited for your traditional wear if you do not want to look too dressy. It has a girly appeal, is casual and is easy to style. You can accessorise with it hair pieces of your choice.

How to achieve the look: Apply a volumiser after patting dry, washed hair. Make sure all the water has been squeezed out. Now with your head down, blow dry your hair till they are eighty percent dry. This will give it necessary volume. After creating the required parting in the hair, brush hair with soft finger strokes. Take a strand of hair which should not be more than an inch thick. With the help of curling tongs or iron, create curls or waves as required through out the head. Some prefer it only at the crown and others only towards the ends of the hair. Set it up with a spray and you are ready to hit the festive frenzy.

Try these hair styles for your perfect festive look.

Parimita Chakravorty

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