19 October, 2010

How to go glam in seconds?

Festive season has just ushered in and its time for some heavy socializing. Visiting relatives, friends this festive season after office, glam up in a jiffy. We list you a few must-have make up products to keep in your kit ready for such purpose.

A mineral powder foundation: A mineral powder foundation will quickly fix all the oiliness and stickiness on the skin after your office hours. It will soak up the oil and give your skin a smooth finish. With a few brush strokes, you can get a festive glow back on your skin. It is compact and easy to carry.

A concealer: A concealer is the mini magic wand. Use it to cover the blemishes, under eye dark circles, spots and zits which might become pronounced after a tiring day at work. Just tap on the area you wish to cover with light finger strokes. Use it after applying the foundation. It will get you a flawless finish in seconds. It is a must for your beauty kit.

A Kajal or a an Eye liner: A Kajal or an Eye liner is perfect to perk up your peepers. After a long day at work. Wash your eyes with cold water to make them look fresh. Wipe out any smudged kajal from the morning application and apply kajal or liner with a quick swipe. It is easy to carry and apply. Always wear a water resistant mascara so it doesn’t get washed away and stays on till the late evenings without requiring any touch up.

A facial mist spray: A facial mist spray is a must during festive hustle and bustle. You never know when your skin feels all dry and parched due to heat and rush. It helps to set up your makeup and gives it a dewy finish. It helps the makeup to blend well with the skin. Also, it works as a toner before applying a quick touch up. After the long day at work, it will definitely give you a fresh glow. It comes in slender and compact bottle which won’t take a lot of space in your hand bag.

A matte lipstick: A matte lipstick in the shades of pink, peach or light brown would easily put a smile back on your lips after a gruelling shift at work. It doesn’t run or bleed and is easy while applying. A matte liptick can also work as a quick blush. Just blend it softly around the apple of your cheeks for that pink of health hue. A small wonder indeed which will easily fit into your kit. Berzin Irani states, “Use lipstick with built-in moisturizers. It should have a creamy feel for that instant glamour. Always check in few hours to make sure your lipstick is looking fresh. A good lipstick can make a lot of difference in the way you look.”

This festive season look your best with the esstential makeup products in your kit. Look fab while you visit your friends and family.

Parimita Chakravorty

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