29 September, 2010

Home Décor: Guest room: Festival festooning

Everyone enjoys having guests, specially during the festivals. The presence of your guest adds more joy to the festivity and celebration. The event is not taxing if you have a guest room ready that boasts off your penchant for hospitality and style. It is your job to make sure the guest room is as comfortable and relaxing as possible while still providing all the necessary items they need. Here are a few tips to help you decorate your guest room with elegance and a touch of class:

1. Choose a theme: A room decorated in a particular theme looks class apart and is a pure pleasure to the senses. A room with cluttered pieces and haphazard styling is a big turn off for anybody who spends time in it. Therefore, choose a theme and stick to it while doing the interiors or arranging the furnishings. Portico India has launched its latest collection called Casa Di Borocco. It takes its inspiration from the 18th century baroque mood. It is about investing in quality pieces, built to last, that create a soothing environment within the home. Cherishing decorative art from deco to nouveau and embracing intricate detailing for the ultimate luxury. The designs realize an essence of calm sophistication and elegance. Beautiful ornamentals, lace and lattice work seen on chapels and coliseums emerge from the Art Deco era in this collection. You can use this theme or any other as per your taste.

2. Keep up with the basics: A comfortable bed with clean comfortable and soft bed linen are a must. Choose from a wide range of quality bed linen by Spaces. Spaces- Home & Beyond by Welspun is India's first organized chain of Home Fashion Stores which retails a wide range of exclusive, premium quality home linen. Various styles are available in their Autumn Winter, 2010 collection. It is also suggested that you have an extra set of sheet in the closet or a drawer of the guest room in the event they are needed during the stay. Also, ‘Spread Home’ has latest comfort giving products lined up specially for a good night sleep. Spread Home has been the pioneer in introducing latest Micro Fibre Duvets & Pillows , Tencel , Aloe Vera Sheets , Air Cotton Towels , High Count Sheets etc to help you and your guest snooze better. Having an alarm clock on the nightstand along with a radio in the room is a good idea so that your guest can enjoy some music before going to sleep and use the clock to keep track of time and use alarm when waking up. A small television set would also be appreciated by your guest in case they would like to watch a show before they go to sleep.

3. Fabric & Furniture: You can experiment with various fabrics to decorate your guest room as long as they are soothing and appealing. Portico has used fabrics with various textures in their latest collection by mixing wood grains, painted finishes, metal finishes. Make sure that the curtains are heavy so that they can stop any daylight getting into the room, allowing your guest to sleep comfortably anytime of the day. But the fabric should reflect softness and elegance. Dark harsh colours should be avoided. It is important that you have plenty of drawer space available for your guest to use. Keeping a few personal neccessities that someone might forget is also a good idea. A disposable razor, a new toothbrush, and travel sized deodorant are all good to have in the drawers. Keep the furniture minimal. Other than a bed, a two seater sofa or set of coffee table and chairs can be placed in the room. There should be enough room for movement. Do not clutter your guest room with exclusive artifacts. Remember it’s a guest room and not a museum. Refrain from putting family photos in the guest room.

4. Colour scheme: Your theme and colour scheme should be well co-ordinated. Neutral colors work the best and are the most relaxing. But you can experiemt with an array of colour combinations and scheme. Portico has used a wide range of colours in their latest collection. Colours like a patina coloured green and a dusty coral, Orange and taupe, brilliant sprays of turquoise and a radiating orchid tone are mainly seen in their latest collection. They have also used violet, brick-red, ochre & a faded blue.

5. Lighting: Check that the guest room has ample general and task lighting for reading, writing, and dressing. Adequate lighting should be provided for the guest, if they intend to read before sleeping with the help of bedside reading lamp. Make sure that the overhead light is bright enough to illuminate the whole room. Place several candles in the room which will add an extra touch of elegance and help your guest to relax if they intend to burn candle light before sleeping.

6. Accesorise: As per your theme, accesorise the guest room. The beauty lies in the minimal but correct application. For example, for a rustic country look use baskets, a bench instead of a chair, a pinecone potpourri and candles or for a seaside theme use seashells, colorful plastic buckets to hold brightly colored bath linens. Use your creativity and imagination and you can have a guest room grabbing you all the praises.

7. Bath essentials: Do not forget the décor in the bathroom. Keep the basic necessities like soft and clean bath towel, bath robe, and toiletries ready for your guest. The extensive range of luxurious bath products is available at Spaces- Home & Beyond by Welspun in their Autumn Winter, 2010 collection. The décor should be simple yet elegant. Make your bathroom look bigger by placing large decorative mirrors on the wall. Wooden toilet seats and placing thin floral vases in the toilet will add a touch of colour and warmth to the room.

Decorating your guest room is not as difficult as you may think. Just take into consideration the things that would make you feel comfortable and relaxed if you were the guest and you will be able to decorate this corner of your house with more confidence and creativity.

Parimita Chakravorty

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