20 September, 2010

Sleek and straight or glam waves: Which look is more appropriate for an office party?

Dressing up for office party is very crucial. You need to project a formal yet relaxed image. Office parties can make or break your official image. HR of companies keeps a close watch on how a person behaves and dresses up in office parties. It's important to socialise, make new friends, have stimulating / healthy conversations with your colleagues and when you are in an office party you want to look relaxed so that you can converse on various casual topics. You need to behave confidently and increase your social interaction with a bit of caution in such parties. Everyone from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy is present there and you want to look your best with all the sophistication to please the officials. And when it comes to choosing your hair style, you become apprehensive if you should go glam with waves or opt for a sleek straight hair look. Let us find out which one is better for an office party.

The belief:
Glam waves are better for parties as they add volume and texture to the hair and look perfect for any party. Glam waves look sexy yet sophisticated.

The facts:
Glam waves create volume and texture and look great with both traditional and formal apparel. They can make you look appealing for any occasion. Where as straight sleek hair looks very casual in terms of a party environment and is better suited for your corporate look.

Berzin Irani, Independent make up artist suggests:
Glam waves are better for office parties. Waves create volume and thickness and look good with most of the dresses. They add definition to your face and make it look more attractive. Glam waves are formal and sexy.
Straight sleek hair looks casual. It is better for official meetings and presentations.

Shirin Merchant owner Kut & Make Salon suggests:
Glam waves look great for any occasion but not for an office party. A messy wavy look is better avoided in such occasions. An office party would mean that you can let your hair down for a while. But of course you will be dealing with the same set of people whom you meet daily in your office. So you will have to make sure that your hair style reflects official poise yet look relaxed and sophisticated. On the other hand, Glam waves are good for you’re off the office party circuit.

The verdict:
The experts are divided in their opinion that glam waves look better in office parties. They add a touch of glamour and style to your look. But for office party, it’s up to you to judge what sort of environment it will have. If the theme of your office party is too formal then opt for straight sleek hair and if it is a bit casual environment, you can go for glam waves to look sexy.

Parimita Chakravorty

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