20 September, 2010

Is it better to bleach your facial hair or tweeze / thread it?

Facial hair is a big problem faced by many women. Some inherit it in their genes and a few get it because of hormonal imbalance. It gives a blow to anybody’s confidence, especially while attending social gatherings. Many hate to step out with friends or approach new people with facial hair. The way to get rid of facial hair permanently is to opt for laser therapy. But those who are unsure about the outcome of laser therapy look for alternative mediums to deal with this problem. They go for facial hair bleach or tweeze, thread and wax their facial hair. Which is a better option? Let us find out.

The belief
Bleaching facial hair is better than tweezing and threading.

The facts
Since childhood we would have noticed our mothers using facial bleach to get an instant glow on their face as well as deal with unwanted facial hair. Facial bleach has strong chemicals which lighten the composition and colour of the facial hair, making them appear golden and in sync with the complexion. Facial bleach does not remove the facial hair.
Tweezing, waxing and threading the facial hair, removes it from the roots. Though, they grow back after a few weeks.

Berzin Irani, independent make-up artist suggests:

Bleaching facial hair is more appropriate. It is a non-painful procedure to take care of unwanted facial hair. Bleaching has been used since a very long time and it is a tried and tested procedure to take care of facial hair.

Threading can cause zits and in-growths if the hair is not pulled out properly while threading.

Waxing may damage skin elasticity.

Dr Meha Mhatre of Tressez Trichology and Advanced skin care suggests:

Anything over done is harmful. Threading is better than bleaching hair as bleaching involves strong chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide that bleaches hair and frequent use of such chemicals can make skin sensitive to sun and lead to concerns such as pigmentation. It can cause allergies, rashes and aggravate other skin problems.

Also bleaching does not benefit people with thick hair as the chemical in bleach makes hair more brittle.

People with darker complexion do not benefit from bleaching as the golden look it gives to facial hair might contrast with the skin colour.
Esthetically too it looks tacky since hair is bleached, it does look lighter but when in light does not hide the hair on the face making it obvious.

Threading comparatively is safer, cleaner and long lasting. Though a little painful and a slow process compare to bleaching as large areas can’t be done at one go, yet they do not involve any chemicals so anytime a safer option. It gives a much cleaner look and is observed in the long run reduces hair growth as well.

The verdict
The experts are divided in their opinion. Facial bleach has harmful chemicals which damage skin cells. Threading, waxing and tweezing are painful alternatives. Now it is for you to decide which is a better option is for you. You can deal with your unwanted facial hair by either threading or bleaching and get back your social confidence.

Parimita Chakravorty

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