20 September, 2010

Make-up for: a spa party or lounge party or girly nightout

We all know how important it is to share our lives, thoughts and expriences with the like minded people. It might be just a genral gossip or a serious discussion but friends are the ones who give us the opportunity to have a mentally stimulating and healthy conversation. Women bond over a lot of things which include beauty and make-up, parties and shopping too. The recent trend suggests that women like to bond with their girl friends over a spa party, a lounge party or a simple girly nightout. So let us find out what is the best make-up that you can put on these occasions.

Spa party:

Spa party is a general trend these days where women are opting to relax and rejuvenate with their friends. Usually a private spa party is organised for bridal showers, birthdays, etc. The most popular treatments for a spa party are manicures, pedicures and massages. They are usually “quick” versions of regular treatments, lasting twenty minutes or may be more. A spa party company creates a comfortable “spa atmosphere” including candles, spa music, robes, slippers and licensed spa professionals for the guests.

Follow the KISS technique. Keep It Simple and Sweet. As the party’s theme is very relaxed and casual, keep your make-up minimal. A bit of mineral foundation to get an even skin tone and a bit of mascara and a pink gloss is what you will need. Anyways, the spa treatments will force you to remove any traces of make-up from your skin.

Lounge party:

A retro look is what makes the lounge party unique. It is a cocktail party in a vintage style. Here, cocktail snacks and drinks will be in plenty with good dance music so that you can hit the floor and rock yourself. Martinis, Gins, Tonics will flow out from the host side and the whole feeling will be that of a retro rock chic theme.
Go Glam Girl! Emulate the Hollywood screen siren look. Get glossy lips in red and hot pink and kohled dark eyes or smokey eyes. The aim should be to look bold and beautiful. Create a good foundation base and contour your face with well defined jawbone and cheek bone. Use a good bronzer and highlighter to get an absolute glam doll look.

Girly night out:

Girly night out is usually referred to hen parties. A day before marriage the girl celebrates her last night of freedom. The focus is on the would-be-bride and the theme is all about having fun and party. A few also celebrate the occasion of baby shower with their girl friends in a ‘girly night out’ way.

Go wild! Neon pinks, blues and yellows can be worn in your make-up(eye shadow, lipstick, blush etc) . You can wear massive big false lashes and in various colours. Though pink is the hot favorite this season for false lashes. Shirin merchant suggests, “You should use a good make-up remover to remove such make-up off your skin.”

Parimita Chakravorty

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