19 October, 2010

There are products that can repair split ends -- true or false?

How often have you found yourself sulking over split ends? It is a nightmare for anybody who loves gorgeous looking hair. But there are products in the market which promise to undo the effect of split ends. Is it really true? Let us find out.

The belief

Damaged hair with split ends can be treated to make them look healthy again.

The fact

Damaged hair result in split ends. Over usage of chemicals, heating equipments and hair treatments leave the cuticles dry and damaged. Hair becomes prone to frizz and split ends. The scientific name for split ends is Trichoptilosis. It is usually a longitudinal splitting of the hair fiber. There is no concreate way to remove split ends aside from cutting your hair, but you can take care of your hair and prevent their return. Over a course of time , all types of hair get damaged in one degree or other. So it is advised to get a trim of at least 1/4 to 1 inches periodically. It will remove split ends and keep your hair healthy and growing strong. But there are products in the market which promise a speedy recovery from split ends. Our experts inform you more about these claims.

Berzin Irani, Independent makeup artist says:

Products claiming to cure split ends generally seal the damaged hair to make it look healthier, but in reality the damaged hair doesn’t get cured. It might look ok for a while but eventually looks dry and coarse.

The only way to keep split ends away is by preventing them. Condition your hair well and minimise the use of chemicals and heating equipments. Get trims regualrly.

Sunita Motwani Makhija, Director, Schnell Hans chain of Beauty Schools and Salons, Mumbai, says:

Split hair cuticles can not be cured. The products for anti-split ends are only as preventive measure. They keep your hair nourished and well hydrated. Split ends occur due to extreme dryness of the hair. So if you use conditioner on your hair after every wash and give deep hydrating treatments from time to time, then split ends can be avoided. Hair spas are very beneficial to deeply hydrate your hair cuticles.

To treat split ends, you need regular trimmings.

The Verdict

Our experts are unanimous that split ends can not be treated with any product. But with proper care and hydrating treatments, it can be prevented. Go for hair spas and deep conditioning treatments to avoid split ends. Avoid application of extreme heat to your hair and regularly conditon to avoid dryness. And if you have split ends, get a trim to get rid of them.

Parimita Chakravorty

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