14 July, 2010


We make so many skin sins on a daily basis. Going over board with any skin care routine or ignoring any one is a major mistake. We help you stay aware and let you know the common goof ups.

Wax sin: Waxing is an effective method of removing unwanted hair from your body. Many opt for a regular arm and leg wax and at times face as well. But if the procedure is not done properly and hygienically, it may become the biggest skin sin. The skin on the face is very sensitive and pulling and pushing during the waxing procedure may affect the elasticity of the facial skin. Improper pulling or removal of hair may create painful zits on the skin. Dr. Preeti Savardekar, Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist, Shri Krishna Polyclinic says, “Anybody suffering from diabetes and varicose veins or applying creams with Retin-A, Renova, Differin and Isotretinoin should avoid using wax on their skin as their skin is too sensitive and prone to breakouts which will take a lot of time to heal.”

Too many facials, masks and scrubs: There are a variety of products available in the market to get you the best experience in facials, face masks and scrubs. In the hope of getting a flawless skin, a few over do the skin care routine which eventually backfires. Too many facials and massages affect the elasticity of your skin. Masks and scrubs help to remove dead cells from the skin. Using masks too often will make your skin very dry as it rips of natural oils and moisture from the skin. Scrubs are abrasive and using them too often will damage the skin as facial tissues are quite delicate. Dr. Meha Mhatre, owner, Tressez Trichology & Advanced Skin Care Centre says, “Excessive exfoliation causes removal of living cells making the skin prone to easy damage and irritation.” Exfoliate not more than twice a week for a healthy skin. Facial and masks are good not more than twice a month.

Using dirty makeup brushes and sponge: Unclean makeup brushes and applicators are a home to many bacteria and viruses. How often do we clean them? May be once in a while. And when we apply make up with these on our skin, both skin and the makeup products become a breeding ground for the germs. Try to clean your makeup brushes and sponges at regular intervals with mild soap and hot water to keep them germ free. Make sure they are absolutely dry before reusing them.

Forgetting to tone: Cleansing and moisturizing our skin is a regular habit for many. But toning takes a back seat or rather ignored completely. For a youthful and happy skin, all the three are equally important. Toning compliments cleansing as it removes dirt, excess oil and dead cells from the skin which help to avoid blemishes and break outs. Toner refines and tightens pores giving the skin a radiant and fresh complexion. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are a must in your daily skin care routine.

Face lifting and Botox sin: Non- invasive face lifts like ‘Thermage’ and Botox are getting popular day by day as these procedures are painless and result oriented. Botox is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles to get rid of wrinkles and frown-lines. ‘Thermage’ uses radio waves to help build collagen in our skin and make it tight. But too much of anything is bad for your skin. People as young as in late 20’s are getting such procedures done and that too at frequent intervals. This may disrupt the growth of normal healthy cells and your facial skin may become completely dependent on the external help to look taut and young. Be prudent while opting for such procedures and limit the usage.

Let yourself avoid such drastic sins, to have a glowing and beautiful skin. With proper care, you can enjoy a flawless skin forever.

Parimita Chakravorty

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