14 July, 2010

Make-up for men:

In the yester years, we saw Ajay Devgn and Amitabh Bachhan and recently Arshad Warsi sporting bold, kohl-lined eyes. In Rajasthan and Bihar, wearing kajal is a common practice among men. Are we going to see our men lining their eyes and indulging in other make-up too? We find out.

With modern society's emphasis on youth, physical attraction, perfection in the over all look, women aren't the only ones who want to accentuate their best facial features and hide skin imperfections. Men are equally concious and are ready to present their best with the help of some cosmetics. Many companies have introduced prodcuts designed specially for men which includes moisturisers, fairness creams, scrubs and hair colours etc. Shonali Mohite, a renowned make up artist says, “Men have become concious about their looks and certainly want to cover their blemishes and get a even skin tone. There are many creams available designed specially for men.”

These days make up for men is getting popular for that groomed and handsome look. But it has been into existence since long. Ancient Egyptian men used to wear eye make up for spiritual and medicinal reasons. Berzin Irani, independent make up artist says, “Roman kings used to apply Kohl and liners as a mark of royalty. Some muslim men still like to use ‘surma’ which is believed to keep the eyes cool.” Wearing kajal in the rural areas is still very common all over India.

Wearing make up in the entertainment business is a regular norm. Berzin discloses, “Some actors use bronzers for face and body as well as a lip gloss before they make a public appearance or as per the character’s requirement.” Every actor wants to showcase his best image. Make up comes very handy to portray a flawless skin, soulful eyes and attractive lips. Some even use tanners to make their muscles bulge a little further. All the scenes where we admire the excellence of fitness of a particular actor can not be solely credited to his diet and excersing alone. A bit of the credit goes to daft application of body make up as well.

Not only actors, many celebreties who are public figure, use a bit of make up regularly to look and feel their best. Corporate executives, media figures, public relation executives, client relation officers, flight attendants and all those who have a job which requires them to look their best constatly apply make up in different variations. They also go for beauty treatments, eyebrow plucking and facials. Basic foundation, kohl, lip gloss, loose powder, concelears, black mascaras, fine eyeliners have found a permamnent place in the regular grooming kit by many men. We are going to see more Indian men applying basic make up soon as the trend is cathing up like a wild fire.

Correct and regular application of make up can help our men look a zillion bucks. Let’s look forward to our men indulging in a few beauty treats as well.

Parimita Chakravorty

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