19 June, 2010

Tattooed: Sans tattoo Bandra

Hey girls! Coveting a tattoo art for long? If you happen to be in Mumbai, Sans tattoo is the answer for you. On Bandra hill road there are quite a few tattoo parlours. But I can give you a first hand account on what to expect if you are planning to get a tattoo from Sans tattoo.


Think if you really want one. Its for your lifetime.

If you made up your mind, then think about the motif or design you associate yourself with the most. You should be at peace when the permanent tattoo is embossed on you. Think if you will ever regret getting one, even when you grow old.

Once you have chosen the motif, look for appealing designs. Try and take a print out for the tattoo artist's reference or mail him/her across.

Go there with a clear head and certainity.

What to expect:

A discussion with the tattoo artist about the design and size. Obviously the cost as well.

Guidance about how the procedure will be performed and the after care.

Complete hygiene. A tattoo artist will show you the place where his equipments are sterilised. He/she will open a new needle infront of you to be used on you while tattooing. Use new caps for holding colours. Wear surgery gloves while working on the tattoo.

Pain is minimal if the tattoo artist is experienced. If you can bear waxing and threading, you can definitely bear the tattooing pain.

After care:

Wash the tattoo with luke warm water and mild soap after 1 hour of its completion (bandage removal).

Apply vaseline or petroleum jelly to keep it moist. You will need to apply that for the next seven days.

Apply Silverx ointment, readily available at a drugstore on the tattoo on the second day. The more you apply the better it gets.

Do not scratch if itchy. Let the outer skin peel off in due course of time.

Sunil aka San, owner of San's tattoo says, "I have 6 years of experience and have never had a case where people were not satisfied. Eventually what matters is that the tattoo should look beautiful and that too without any discomfort."

So girls (especially in Mumbai), go and rock your world with your new tattoo....

Parimita Chakravorty

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Veerabhadrachar said...


Your advise on getting tattoed is very helpful. Especially the heigene and pain part.

Certainly girls with beautiful Tattoo designs on their body looks more beautiful. Even if there is pain during tattoing it is worth

Happy tattoing