19 June, 2010

Hair cuts for younger look

Pixie fix: Tousled pixie cut with lots of layers, lots of lift, zig-zag parting makes hair look stunningly fresh. Spiked pixie cut gives you a rebelious, young yet sexy feel. It is easiest to manage and looks good on all occasions. The idea is to get the focus on your soft and pretty features with super-short and sassy hairstyle. Sunita Motwani Makhija, advises that “Fine hair looks fuller when it's shorter. Add extra lift with some mousse and blow dry upside down to get volume.”

Bob boom: Edgy bobs with bangs make you look young and and screams out loud that you have an attitude. Sunita informs, “Bob helps to accentuate the facial features and gives a younger look.” Side-bang bob, asymmetrical bob, classic bob and other variants can make you look suave and chic. Go for classic bob if you have soft features and your face shape is long or oval. This cut highlights the eyes and adds movement to the hair. Asymmetrical bob is a precision cut which is longer in the front and shorter at the back. It gives a contemporary edge, immediately uplifting the features.

A shag wag: Spiky short shag or shoulder length shag helps to take away years off your face easily. Sunita Motwani Makhija suggests that “Spikes may be replaced by soft waves. Short hair should be very short, particularly at the back and sides with slightly more length on the top.” Long unkempt tresses add age, therefore go for a tousled shag as this hair style has individual chunks and pieces of hair that add a lot of movement and style. If you have a very round face, go for a little longer shag as it will help to frame your face and add dimension. It is easy to maintain and gives room for a lot of experimentation.

Layer affair: Long hair with layers immediately lends a youthful and belle like appeal. A side bang cut with layers around the face and neck looks young and hides age instantly. Layers look equally good on medium length hair as well. It helps to get bounce and volume. If maintenance is a problem, go for shoulder length layered hair. Apply lots of lift and highlights around the face to get a younger look. Sunita Motwani Makhija, director, Schnell Hans suggests ,“It is essential that you have a good cut to build body volume. You can get extra body with a few layers using clever graduation.”

Parimita Chakravorty

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