19 June, 2010

Hair no-nos in the monsoon

The monsoon is perfect for taking a long walk on the beach, sipping a hot cuppa and curling up with a book. The monsoon, however, is not the ideal season to get any chemical treatments done. Unruly locks, frizzy hair are a regular complaint in the wet season. You might get drenched and feel wet, but the season doesn’t add moisture to your precious mane.

The heightened moisture makes your hair flat and its texture dull plus the problems like stickiness, greasiness and dandruff arise. But don’t fret, with proper care you can still have gorgeous looking hair this monsoon. Let’s find out about the many no-nos to follow this season to have healthy and beautiful hair.


Do not go for colouring or any other chemical treatments during monsoons. The hair is prone to dryness and the scalp is very sensitive during this season, making it prone to allergies and rashes. Moreover, chlorine and salt in water is comparatively higher in this season and they are hard on colour and chemically treated hair.

Avoid getting your hair wet in the rains. Rainwater brings down pollutants in the air; these pollutants damage the hair and make it look dull and limp.

Do not comb your hair when they are wet as they are prone to breakage. Do not use straightening irons directly on wet hair. It will make your hair shaft weak and you can experience a lot of breakage.

Do not over-shampoo your hair as it tends to become frizzy. But to combat regular stickiness and grime, use a mild shampoo. It can be applied daily or every alternate day. Use good quality shampoo and conditioner to maintain your glossy mane.

Do not apply the conditioner on the scalp. It doesn’t help to get rid of the itchiness and dandruff which occurs during this season. Instead apply it on the hair ends to tame frizz and get smooth hair. Shirin Merchant, owner, Kut and Make salon advises, “Avoid applying shampoos with conditioner, as it is not a good idea to use conditioner on the scalp.”

Do not use hair sprays and styling gels and other hair products till very necessary as the lacquers and gums in these can stick to the scalp and cause dandruff in this season.

Do not leave oil in your hair for more than an hour. Oil massage may help your hair look shiny and healthy but it may cause dandruff if left for long as it attracts dirt and grime. Keep your hair clean for optimum health.

Minimize the use of hot tongs and curling irons. The hair is anyway traumatized with the wet weather, stickiness and greasiness. If a lot of heating appliances are used then it might become dry and frizzier and eventually break.

Do not tie your hair into a pony or a bun when wet. It can damage the roots and cause breakage. Let the hair air dry.

Enjoy the monsoons but do not forget to care for your precious mane.

Parimita Chakravorty

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