19 June, 2010

Tie it tight

The unkempt and out of the bed look is out this season. Braided updos, buns, short hairstyles have replaced the messy look. At present, sleek and sassy hair styles are in vogue. We tell you how to flaunt this look.


Ponytails are hot this season and are used to create a glamorous and elegant look. Side ponytails are also much in vogue. It is easy to maintain and gives a sleek and smooth finish.

Pull back your entire hair into a ponytail. Comb your hair and make it smooth and even. Now put a band to hold the ponytail in its place. Take a small strand from the ponytail and put it around the ponytail covering the band in the process. Set it up with a bobby pin. Shirin Merchant owner, รก Kut & Make saloon, Mumbai suggests to use hair sprays for taming the flyways while creating a ponytail.


Beat the heat with buns. French buns, Chinese buns, double buns, braided buns and high buns are much in style. Side buns create a retro look and give you a more feminine feel.

There are various ways to create a bun but we will look into the more conventional and easy French bun. French bun or French twist gives you a sophisticated look. Brush your hair to create evenness. Just below the crown of your head pull back your hair into a ponytail. Twist the ponytail in such a manner that it envelops all your hair. Tuck or clip any lose strands and set the bun with the help of bobby pins or French comb.


Look hot and attractive with sleek blow dried hair. Blow drying your hair creates volume, sheen and smoothness.

Make sure that your hair is washed with a good shampoo and is moisturized with a good conditioner. Dry your wet hair (with a blow dryer) till 70 % moisture evaporates. Now take very small strands (1 inch in thickness) from your hair and using a paddle brush and a blow dryer, gently blow dry the entire head. Try to use wooden paddle brush as it is more effective. Shirin suggests that whenever you do blow-dry or tong your hair; apply a heat-protecting product.


Trade your long unkempt locks for short hair styles. The chic and sexy short hair styles will add a new dimension to your face.

There are ample of styles to choose from. There are a range of styles including bob, asymmetrical bobs, pixie cut, crop cut and many more. Choose a style which compliments your face structure. Discuss with your stylist in advance before taking the plunge. Shirin tells us that short hair cuts shift the focus to the soft and feminine features of a face. It is easier to manage and looks great on all occasions.


On or off the ramp, braided hair is creating an impression everywhere. Celebrities and faishonistas are using this style in both casual and formal look. Braided buns, milkmaid braids, side braids, fish plaits look stylish and creative.

Let us know about French braid hair band updo. Make a parting along the front of the hairline. Take the hair along the hair line and push off the rest of hair into a clip. Divide it into three strands. Start braiding the hair strands and continue doing so from one side of the head to the other. While braiding, pick a small strand of hair from the clipped portion every time you complete one braid. Once the braiding is complete, pin it up behind your ear to create a braided band look. Now create a regular French twist with the rest of the hair and you are ready to head for a party. Nimisha Aggarwal, owner, Upbeat salon, pune concludes that “Braids and updos are no longer about perfect finishing, rather styling with lots of texture, volume and free falling flyaways.

Messy is out, sleek is in. Try out these hairstyles to look your sexiest best this summer. These styles are evergreen and will help you glam up for all occasions.

Parimita Chakravorty

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