22 June, 2010

Rain water: good or bad?

An old grandmother's tale says that the first shower of rain is great for your hair and skin. Does it still hold true today in the age of chemicals and pollution?

Many believe that rain water is distilled and pure, without any impurities and the first showers will cure their skin condition and make their hair luscious and bouncy. Old myths are still prevalent that getting drenched in the first rains cures prickly heat and reduces dandruff. But others have an opinion that it’s full of pollutants and dirt.

Industries, as well as emissions from vehicles give rise to increase in sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the air. These emissions change into sulphuric acid and nitric acid with sunlight and humidity. Rain water brings these down with every shower. Other than pollutants, dirt and grime suspended in the air also come down with the rain water; in effect, making it hazardous for our hair and skin. Let the experts tell us if rain water is good or bad for our hair and skin.

Shirin Merchant, Proprietor of Kut & Make Salon, says:
  • It is a myth that the first shower helps to treat your prickly heat and is good for skin. It is more of a psychological comfort that we get after getting drenched in the first shower as it helps to get relief from the heat.
  • Rain water makes the hair sticky and it doesn't give a very clean feeling.
  • Avoid getting wet in the rain and if you do, wash your hair properly and then air dry it completely.
Dr. Meha Mhatre, Tressez Trichology & Advanced Skincare Centre says:
  • Rain water doesn’t cure any skin rashes, prickly heat or other conditions. First showers are full of pollutants and dirt.
  • Rain water may cause skin eruptions and other problems as it is sticky and dirty. Increase in humidity may heighten the chances of infection.
  • Follow the cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine to avoid breakouts. Do not forget to apply sunscreen even if the sun isn’t shining. Try and get the water resistant variant of sunscreen so that it is not washed off with sweat and rain water.
The experts are of the same opinion that rain water contains pollutants, dirt and grime and may damage your hair and skin. In today’s environment, acid rains are not uncommon. If it can damage the buildings, metal structures, flora and fauna; then how can it be good to your hair and skin. Avoid rain water, but enjoy the beautiful weather.

Parimita Chakravorty



redgriff said...

I always thought rain water is dirty, it is in fact true. Because i can feel the water very sticky in my skin.

Emma said...

Love this! I was out in the rain all day yesterday thinking it was good for my hair and now I'm glad I learned it isn't! Love the blog! Care to visit mine? www.fashandfrost.blogspot.com