16 February, 2010

Traditional and modern looks: Make up for the bride

Wedding season is here. And make-up is the essential part of the ceremony. What look would you like on your big day? Traditional or modern?

Wedding make up has come a long way since the time when brides were just beautified with a bit of loose powder, ‘kumkum’ and a lipstick. At present brides like to experiment with different styles to look their best on their special day. A few still covet the traditional look.

Pre-requisite for choosing the look:
The first and foremost aim is to finalize your wedding dress. Be it a white flowing gown, a turquoise ‘Lehnga’ or a red ‘Saari’; the make-up is solely based on your accessories, personality and wedding dress.

Secondly, do a bit of research. Find out the latest trends. Try out your bridal make-up in advance so that you are confident about your final look on the wedding day. A quick make-up rehearsal will help you to judge all the possible alternatives.

Let’s reflect on both traditional and modern styles so that you can decide which one will suit you on your ‘D’ day.

Traditional look
As Berzin Irani, a popular name in the make up world (associated with Beyond the Fringe and Cory Walia’s design team) states that red colour is primarily used in traditional Indian wedding. Brides from various cultures throughout India prefer a red saari or lehnga over other colours. The make-up corresponding to red dress is usually a mixture of red and bronze or golden. Red lipstick is an important aspect in the traditional look.

A typical traditional bride will wear dark kohled eyes with loads of mascara, golden or bronze eye-shadow, foundation with a little blush for a matte flawless finish, a ‘bindi’ and red lipstick to go with her red dress.

In many cultures, a traditional bride’s forehead is adorned with sandalwood paste or ‘kumkum’. On certain occasions miniature glitter ‘bindis’ or crystals are used in place of ‘kumkum’. A traditional look goes well with almost anybody as it has a universal appeal.

Modern look

Modern brides want a definitive, glam and chic look. Modern make-up is all about glow and sheen. The technique is very similar to the traditional make-up. The difference generally is that more colours are used on the eyes.

Modern make-up includes chiseled contouring of the face, daft concealing of flaws with defined eyes and glossy lips. Either the eyes or the lips are highlighted. This look is sophisticated and suave.

Pakhi Mohnani, owner of ‘The Make-up Lounge’ recommends a combination of matte and shine make-up. She suggests matte to contour the face and shine to highlight the cheek bones.
Modern brides choose bridal dresses from a range of colours. They are experimenting with newer shades—the most popular colours include dark burgundy, gold, cherry red, aqua green, old rose pinks. Therefore the make-up also differs from glitter and gloss to tanned nude look with dramatic eyes.

Whichever look you choose, let your wedding day be the most beautiful day of your life.

Parimita Chakravorty

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