19 February, 2010

Hair care prior to the wedding:

A bride-to-be wishes smooth execution of the whole ceremony. She makes sure that everything has been taken care of prior to the wedding. Then why should she ignore her mane? Her hair needs to be in tip-top shape so that it can withstand all that styling. Her crowning glory needs to look beautiful and gorgeous on her wedding day.

Here's a hair care guide for perfectly lustrous, healthy hair in time for the wedding:

First and foremost visit your hair stylist at least three months before the wedding to set up a hair care regimen. This will help you to get a perfect, glossy and healthy mane.

Sunita Motwani Makhija, director of SCHNELL HANS International School of Beauty, Hairdressing and Cosmetology suggests that brides should take hot oil treatment and Hair spas once in a week (for a month) to ensure that their hair retains moisture and is conditioned from deep within. This will make their hair strong to bear all the styling on the wedding day. She also suggests Keratin hair treatment two weeks prior to the wedding as this will help to have frizz free, smooth and shiny hair.

Settle on a hairstyle before you choose a headpiece or a veil as per your dress, make- up and occasion. It is important to be absolutely confident about your look for the wedding. Practice your look prior to the wedding by setting up a rehearsal with your stylist.

If you are planning touch-ups, extensions, a hair cut, trim or any other treatment, get it done well in advance. Touch-ups should be done two weeks prior to the wedding day to create a perfect base. Hair-extensions help in adding volume and texture to your hair, therefore, discuss all aspects of it (Read length, colour, streaks etc) with your stylist keeping in mind the hair style on the wedding day.

Save your hair from extreme temperatures. Try to avoid strong winds which will entangle your hair or long sun exposure which will make them dry and brittle. Make sure to cover your hair with a scarf or cap before you step out.

Use wide toothed comb on your precious mane to gently detangle lest your hair breaks or splits. Apply good quality products on your hair and avoid blow drying, straightening or crimping unnecessarily.

Ensure a good diet full of protein for a naturally healthy hair. Hair grows and sheds in every three months, so make sure you avoid junk and spicy food well in advance. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water in a day and increasing the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables will help improve the overall health of your hair.

Have a good 8 hour sleep and engage in aerobics or other cardiovascular exercise which will help in proper blood circulation. Avoid stress as much as possible because stress leads to hair fall and other problems. Good health and complete rest is the key to lustrous hair.

On your wedding day, let your lovely locks bind the prince charming and all other guests into an enchanting spell.

Parimita Chakravorty

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