16 February, 2010

Make-up for everyone:

A wedding calls for celebration. Everybody from the bride’s and the groom’s side participate to make the occasion special for the couple. Be it, aunts, cousins, sisters, mother, friends or other relatives; each individual wants to look their best to compliment the occasion. And make-up is one of the most important aspects in the process of decking up.

Preparation and tips:
For a flawless complexion, the first step is to apply a good moisturizer 5 to 10 minutes prior to applying make-up for a smooth application. (Glowing flawless skin is coveted by all and looks good in wedding pictures too.)

For eyes use oil based concealer and water proof make-up, for example, mascara and liner. (Read tearful outbursts time to time and specially during ‘Bidaai’)

Use a primer before applying make-up to make it last longer. (You will be facing bright lights and cameras all day long and will have no time for touch ups. You wouldn’t risk looking washed out any time sooner.)

For luscious lips, prepare by applying lip balm then outline with a lip liner to make them look plump. Fill a matte colour and then top it with a matching gloss of the same shade to make the colour last longer. (Lip liner and matte base will not let your lip colour bleed.)

Make sure that all exposed parts of your body have the same shade after make-up. Apply body make-up, especially on your neck, shoulders, back and arms to match it with your face make-up. (Make-up aims for overall perfection and not patch-work.)

Go for a light make-up if your dress and accessories have a heavier look lest you want to look over done.

Here are some make-up ideas for everyone:

Red carpet siren look: This will include a flawless face with apt contouring and blush. Radiance and glow is the key. Use mineral powder instead of heavy foundation. For eyes, use earthy tones and nudes. Create a smudgy look around the eye-lines so that there are no defined lines. Apply one or two coats of mascara. And highlight lips with bold and dark colours. All shades of red, plum and wine can be used in lip lines and lipsticks.

Rock chic look: This will include a heavy foundation to cover all flaws. Perfect contouring and dark blusher is used to create a chiseled look. Eyes are dark and smokey. Shades of grey, black, purple and dark browns are used to create dark well defined eyes with loads of mascara. But lips are kept nude with natural gloss.

Gothic look: This is a bold and heavy look. This look is tricky and you should be careful to match it up with your dress, accessories and the occasion. This will include a heavy foundation and blush. Perfect contouring is done to create a chiseled look. Eyes are dark and well defined. Mascara, dark eye shadows and eye liner is used generously. Lips are also dark and bold.

Natural or no make-up look: This will include a mineral powder base or a translucent powder dusting over light reflecting moisturizer. Use bronzer to get a natural glow. Use light blusher, a bit of kohl, liner or a kajal, a light eye shadow and a bit of mascara. Lips are filled with a light gloss or lipstick.

Look your glamorous best this wedding season. Don’t look made up, choose the perfect make-up.

Parimita Chakravorty

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