15 February, 2010

For your eyes only

Valentine’s Day will make your heart aflutter and will also give you a chance to flutter your eyelashes. And the best way to look glam on this special day is to accentuate your eyes. Play your eyes up to give yourself a sophisticated, glam, ethnic or simply sweet look.

Fresh and beautiful eyes always command attention. With your busy routine and unhealthy life style (read eyes glued to TV screens or laptop/ computer monitors for long hours), it is not surprising that eyes look dull and tired. And eventually signs of ageing are visible on your precious set, quicker than ever. Under eye dark circles, bags under your eyes, redness in eyes and crow feet are common signs and are a big cause of concern for many. Invest in good rejuvenating creams which will help you to counter the ageing and dullness.

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate as the fat tissues start loosing their vitality faster than any other area on the face, leaving signs of ageing and exhaustion. Moreover, the effects of dry weather, cold, heat and sun damage make our precious set, look beaten outright. Invest in eye creams or smoothing serums which can give your eyes maximum hydration and a supple look. Mac’s Moisture Lush Eye Cream is the perfect buy for this purpose.

Retinol is another factor to look for in eye creams as it stimulates cell turnover and collagen production and reduces skin imperfections. Many can not tolerate retinoic acid, so it is advised that one should test it in advance and apply it sparingly at night to avoid increase in sun-sensitivity and drying of the skin. L'oreal revitalift eye Pro-Retinol is perfect for night time rejuvenation of skin around the eyes.

Vitamin C, E and hydrolysed proteins are the potent contributors in healthy and fresh looking eyes as they are effective anti-aging ingredients. They help in skin elasticity and collagen production. Hydrolysed proteins help in correcting and rejuvenating the skin. Lotus Herbals Nutraeye gel is enriched with these qualities.

The next step to brighten your jewels is to follow the latest trends. From the runway to the red carpet, ‘lush lashes’ are big this season. Create a lots of lash effect by investing in good false eye lashes and learn the skill of perfect application and curling of the lashes, before applying loads of mascara on them. Try to use two kinds of mascara (one for volume and other for length) to get the perfect look. Invest in smudge proof liquid eyeliner and draw wings from the outer corner of the eye to get a cat-eye look. Use Lakme Eye Artist for creating the perfect shape around the lids.

Don’t forget to remove your eye make up with a gentle oil based make up cleanser after the romantic rendezvous is over. It’s also important to look after the health and cleanliness of your peepers to keep them beautiful forever. This Valentine’s Day, let your eyes do all the talking.

Parimita Chakravorty

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