17 December, 2008

Normal things about weight gain.

It is very normal that you might 3lbs heavy or light overnight. It is often water retention due to hormonal changes that these fluctuations occur. Or maybe you ate a salty meal. Artificial sweeteners and fizzy drinks can also contribute in this direction.

Women who have regular seven hours of sleep generally are lighter than those who do not take enough rest. Maybe, the term ‘sleeping beauty’ originated from this fact.

Women gain on an average 6-8lbs of weight within the first two years of marriage because of hormonal changes. It’s normal for women to gain a little weight after marriage.

Women retain weight due to puberty and pregnancy. But men remain slim because their testosterone levels stimulate their metabolism throughout their lifetime. After the age of 25, we need to work twice as hard to maintain our weight. We tend to gain a stone with every decade.

Parimita Chakravorty

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