17 December, 2008

Healthy BMI

BMI= Weight in kg / (Height in m * Height in m). No, we are not trying to solve a mathematical puzzle. This is a simple formula to calculate your BMI. BMI is Body Mass Index, which can be used as a guide to ascertain if your weight is ideal as per your height or if you have a healthy weight. To calculate your BMI, you need to know your weight in kilograms and height in metres. Now simply divide your weight with your height squared. This is good only for adults. Example, if my weight is 65 kilograms and my height is 60 metres. Then my BMI will be 65 /( 1.6002 * 1.6002) = 25.29

BMI is considered healthy if it is 18.5-24.9. Therefore, my BMI is unhealthy and I should lose weight. Now what should I do to lose weight? Get back on track with healthy eating habits, eat slowly and stop once full. I should avoid over eating. Snack on fresh fruit, limit intake of fats, sugar. Exercise at least five times a week.

Parimita Chakravorty

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