17 December, 2008

How true is Imitative obesity?

Researchers at Warwick University have discovered that our own weight gain can be directly affected by the weight gain of our peers. As per them, if your friends have extra weight then it is permissible for you to get fat too. This approach is very generic because weight gain is subjective and different from one individual to another. And an individual might not be affected how the peers behave. They might hang out together, party together, have unhealthy food and drinks but eventually an individual may or may not take corrective actions. An individual might take up yoga classes or join a gym or adopt any active lifestyle to counter the effect of unhealthy life style. Imitative obesity is true only to a certain extent. When an individual feels responsible for his or her well being then they take corrective measures irrespective of what their peers think or do.

Parimita Chakravorty

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