17 December, 2008

Curvy is healthy

Danish scientists have found out those women especially with 40 inches wide hips have an 86% decreased risk of coronary heart disease. As per them fat stored below the surface of abdomen is more harmful than fat round your hips. A round bottom may help you avoid type 2 diabetes according to a recent finding in Harvard medical school. As per them it helps regulate blood sugar levels and maintain consistent production of insulin in the body. Fuller thighs can carry helpful fat which flushes away bad cholesterol from your blood. Studies conducted in Sweden confirm that fat deposited on thighs reduces the likelihood of fat deposits travelling around the body, which could compromise the heart. Just be happy with your curvaceous and fuller figure. If your BMI is in the range of 18.5-24.99, then you have nothing to worry about your weight.

Parimita Chakravorty

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