03 August, 2010

Does a visit to the spa help your hair as much as it does your body?

SPA spells luxury. Many of us would like to visit a spa every now and then to get pampered. Moreover, it does wonders to our bodies as it helps to relieve stress and pep up the overall look with a more moisturized and plump skin. Is hair spa equally beneficial? Let’s find out.

The belief

Hair spa is beneficial for our hair as it deeply nourishes and conditions the hair and relieves stress.

The facts

With prolonged lack of hair care in addition to regular wear and tear, your hair loses its vitality and shine over a period of time. Moreover, stress and other damaging factors force your hair to bear problems like, hair loss, split ends, dandruff, dull and lifeless hair, oily scalp etc. In this case many experts recommend regular hair spa to revive the lost beauty.

A hair spa involves oil massage, followed by shampoo and deep conditioning treatment. The oil massage helps to improve blood circulation to the roots and helps in hair growth. Shampoo cleans up every spec of unwanted oil on the hair and scalp making it grime and dirt free. After this a deep conditioning pack is applied to the hair followed by a session with a hair steamer so that the conditioner goes deep into the hair follicles, making it soft and shiny.

Shirin Merchant, Proprietor of Kut & Make Salon, says:
• Hair spa is a must once a month to lock in the moisture in dry winter months as well as in hot months. These are the times when your hair loses excess moisture due to harsh weather.
• It helps to combat frizz as it deeply conditions and nourishes hair.
• It helps to relieve stress as the massage to the roots of the hair and on the pressure points soothes the nerves.

Sunita Motwani-Makhija, Director, Schnell Hans chain of Beauty Schools and Salons, Mumbai, says:
• Hair spa can be done at a salon or at home with a home kit. You need to apply a hair treatment mask, cover it with a shower cap and keep it on for a specified period and then rinse thoroughly with warm water for best reults.
• If you massage your hair with coconut oil before hand, it will add more sheen to your hair. But make sure to use quality products.
• It deeply hydrates and nourishes, making your hair look naturally beautiful and shiny. It helps to reduce frizz and curls and adds bounce and volume to your hair.
• It helps to decrease the damage done by pollution and extreme weather conditions.

The verdict

The experts are unanimous that hair spa is beneficial for the health and beauty of your hair. It helps to cure certain hair problems and helps in healthy hair growth. It helps in deep conditioning and nourishment of hair. Indulge in Hair-spa and treat your tresses with some TLC (tender loving care). You won’t regret for sure.

Parimita Chakravorty

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