23 June, 2010

Return of the prints:

Prints are back with élan. 2010 is all about bold patterns and creative prints. Flowy textures with prints are back on the runway and a hot favourite in our wardrobe too. So let’s take a look at these prints which are in vogue this season.


This trend is evergreen and has already made its presence felt in the current fashion market. Vintage floral motifs, large scale floral clusters, small colourful floral patterns are very much in demand. You can find ample of choices in this genre in various patterns of inky bright florals, subtle water colour prints, and rich bold floral prints in a wide range of styles.

Animal prints:

Animal inspired prints have been carried over from the last season. You can see a wide variety of zebra and leopard effects, snakes and alligator effects in large graphic designs to subtle micro prints. The faux animal prints are much in demand in the current fashion scene as well.

Tie and dye:

Tie and dye is another print which is gathering momentum in the current fashion scenario. Earthy pastel colours as well as bright colours are being used to create this pattern. It should be a hit, especially during summers as it is mostly done on cotton based fabrics.

Polka dots:

Polka dots have made a major comeback this season. Circles, dots, spots and everything round! You can choose from graphic, geometric round designs to imperfect spheres. The prints can be big and bold, as well as tiny dots. The polka dot gives a retro feel to the look and is one of the recent upcoming trends.

Psychedelic, Ethenic and abstract prints:

Psychedelic prints are riding high this season. You can see a lot of asymmetrical designs, geometric prints, splattered paints, brush strokes and tribal prints in this category. Vintage abstract and tribal prints are much in demand in 2010 and will continue to remain a hot favourite in the fashion circle.

Prints will make your summer/ spring wardrobe interesting and colourful.

Parimita Chakravorty

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