23 April, 2013

Book Review: Look Stunning At Any Size by Parimita Chakravorty

(review by Deepashree D'Mello, ex-radio jockey from Goa)

They say never judge a book by its cover, but it’s easy to fall in love with this lovely new book by Parimita Chakravorty "Look stunning at any size." Lovely glossy pages, good images,easy to read font makes this book a breezy, light ,feel good kind of read. The back of the book says that this book has been written keeping in mind the contemporary Indian woman, her need ,her lifestyle and the demands of her personal and professional life. It is an essentially a style guide to help us women look good in any circumstances.

This book is decked out in color - Beautiful images all around. It reads just like a good magazine, short spurts of great info with no long boring paragraphs to be found. I especially like the technique of highlighting the numerous tips in a different color and font.There are 15 chapters , each concentrating on a different facet of fashion. The first rightly starts with the premise that each woman should know herself and her body type and explains exactly how to discover that. ( PSST I fall in the heavy boned category). What is the shape of one’s face and knowing your skin tone . Chap II guides you on the must haves in your wardrobe and what you wear according to the shape of your body.

I have seen many ladies going in for such sober drab wear, that I feel like gifting them some colorful dresses. The 3rd chapter tells you to wear your clothes as per skin tone. I particularly liked that yardstick the author gives for knowing whats right for you. If it makes your skin tone appear radiant and glowing, if your eyes glow and if your hair reflects the highlights, then you know that the color is just right for you.

An interesting chapter is on the style SINS or fashion faux pas one can commit. Though, I don’t agree with some of them. I love Anarkalis and love the way some women carry it off. I also like long dupattas. So I guess I really am guilty of committing some bloopers. But I do agree with that showing those transparent bra straps is really a NO NO.

A great chapter is the one on underwear. Andar se khush tabi Baahar se khush , right Ladies ?

The author writes in detail on which underwear is the best. Chapter 7 and 8 is all about haircut and styles. A very interesting part is on the hair extensions. Usually Indian women don’t think higher than a bun maybe, as far as hair extensions are concerned. But Parimita devotes quite a bit to this rather new topic.(AND one I always wanted to know about ). In fact the author speaks quite a bit on hair in her book. But I do wish she had given actual photos of hairstyles being done step by step. Same goes for makeup. Lovely chapter but again I wish she had demonstrated with photographs on how actually make up is to be applied. (I really do need to know that Airbrush Make up trick on an urgent basis.)

A very interesting Chapter is on beauty care and noninvasive face lifts. Chemical peels , Botox ,Pearl and caviar facials . Everything one always wanted to know.

The last 2 chaps are on accessorizing where jewelry, shoes, bags are discussed.

All in all a very informative read, priced reasonably.

All my friends who like to dress well liked it a lot.

Some suggestions

Inner beauty is equally important so a chapter on correct and healthy eating could have been added to make it more rounded.

Also, a chapter on exercise and tips to lose that hard to lose weight could have been added.

Lastly, as I said earlier some more illustrations , step by step applying of makeup and hairstyles could have been added.

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