11 January, 2013

Queue mein kyun?

Queue mein kyun? Is this a problem across the world or is this a problem in India?

Educated, uneducated, poor, rich or any other class you would like to demarcate, we Indians hate to be in a queue. ‘Kripaya line hold karein, aap katar mein hain’, even an innocent line from MTNL phones disturbs us to no limits because we generally do not like to be in a queue. Why do we feel restless if we are asked to stand in a line or approach a bus in a queue like civilized people? Is this the social conditioning to race against the competitors and grab an opportunity in our over-populated country? Or a peer pressure to out-smart those 10 rule abiding (perceived as dumb) individuals who stand in a queue for hours till you break it and leave them looking dumb as ever. Such behavior shows shabby social relationship skills and reflects bad education. People question such person’s integrity and hope that he or she realises that such behavior is unruly and unsocial.

Many countries abroad have strict rules and fines for people who break a queue. Leave aside moral enforcement or law; in those places people on the streets take up on themselves to make a queue breaker understand that they cannot get away with it. Imagine yourself in the shoes of others before breaking a queue. Breaking a queue doesn’t show that you are deft; it shows that you are an absolute daft. It is a basic expectation from a civilized, sensitive and responsible individual to follow such simple rules as to never break a queue. So take a cue, follow the queue.

Parimita Chakravorty

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