26 December, 2012

In creative pursuit - Alternate career options:
Just because your score in Math and Science do not match up with the wizkid in the class, does not mean that you will never have a fulfilling career. The key is to judge your strengths and interests and then work towards it. Math and Science are good subjects and they are mandatory till class 10th. But don’t despair if these subjects don’t interest you. Try and see where your interest lies and then work towards it. There is a life beyond these subjects.
With the rise of Indian Idol and many such competitive shows, one thing that has caught the society’s attention is that play back singing and music direction is a career option which can get good perks and recognition like other sectors. There is no dearth of good singers and music directors. If an aspiring talent has the spunk to make it to the top, then only he/she can create a niche from the rest. A person considering a career in music should have a genuine love for music, a sense of time and rhythm, besides versatility, creativity and also stage confidence. With the advent of satellite television, the growing popularity of the music channels and corporate sponsorship of musical events, music has become a big business. Although fame and money in this field depends a lot on luck and getting a good break, but once you are established there is ample of scope. Not only in TV and cinema, music is required in documentaries, advertisements, stage shows, and various related programmes.

Career options: Song writer, Music publisher, Music journalist, Disc Jockeys/ Video Jockeys, Music Therapist, Artist manager/PR, Teacher, Composer, Performer (vocal or instrumental), Playback singing, Sound technician, music director, etc.


We all recognize the beauty of a distinct and powerful voice. Be it Amitabh Bacchan or Lata Mangeshkar or Amin Sayani, their voice is their identity. The oomph in Rekha’s voice or the quiver in Sri Devi’s voice has become a trademark in itself. So, how can you make a career by using your voice? If you think that you have a distinct and an appealing voice, and you can talk sense, try for Radio presenter’s or TV presenter’s role. You can also give voiceover for cartoon movies/ serials, corporate projects, jingles, advertisements, etc. It is a decent career option, which provides you with multiple opportunities.

Career options: Dubbing artist, Jingles, Voiceover artist, narrator for corporate movies/presentations, TV/Radio presenter

Do you love to draw and sketch? Do colours make you happy? Then you can take up many interesting and creative career options. A career in art is not limited to being a fine art painter. Behind every piece of art in a newspaper, magazine, book, poster, and leaflet there’s a graphic or commercial artist -- usually a team. There are graphic artists putting the magazines together, illustrators drawing the cartoons and graphics. Website designers, computer-graphic artists and animators. Film, TV, and stage-set building, designing for computer games. Art galleries and museums. Teaching art and art therapy. If you have an eye for detail and creativity, you can also opt for photography, landscape design, interior design, shop-window design, framing, textile and clothing design, furniture and lighting design, architecture, etc. These all require creative skills. It might not make you the same money as a stockbroker or an investment banker but you can certainly have a fulfilling career.

Career option: Art teacher, Interior designer, Jewellry designer, Architect, Fashion photographer, Fashion journalist, Make-up artist, Hair stylist, Wildlife photographer, Fashion designer, Textile designer, Graphic designer, Desktop publishing, Furniture designer, Shoe designer, Website designer, Computer graphic artist, Art gallery manager, Animator etc. There are innumerable options to choose from.


(Hindi, English or any foreign language including Mandarin)
If language interests you and you love to read story books and comics then the world of opportunities will open to you. If you love to express yourself through writing and poetry then this might be your forte. If you love learning new languages then this can get you a very high paying job.

Foreign languages are always a boon in the long run. You can communicate freely and effectively with people from other parts of the world. The most common known foreign languages are French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. You can work as a translator for diplomats visiting these places and travel around the world with them. You can work as a translator to translate written documents, which needs excellent writing skills in these languages. You can work in the foreign embassies or simply translate documents written in Hindi to English and vice versa.

Other than these, you can become a Documentation expert in many KPO’s who need to document their process and meetings, feature writer with magazines and newspapers, technical writer with IT companies, content developer and writer with IT and educational companies. You can also become an instructional writer with educational companies. You can opt for full time writing career as a fiction or non-fiction writer, writing books and developing manuscript. You can maintain a blog and earn revenues with the advertisers. You can become a journalist if you have interest in news and current affairs. You can choose to become an editor or a content manager who looks after a website and its contents. These are just a few options listed so that you can broaden your view concerning this option.

Career options: Feature writer, Content writer, Technical writer, Instructional writer, Translator, Editor, Copy writer, Documentation expert, Blog writer, Content management, Writing for TV and films, Film reviews, Journalist, Advertising, Media, PR executive managing communications, Corporate communications, language teacher, etc.

Dance and physical education:

So you are one of those people who love the idea of sweating it out either in dance or sports? Even you have ample of choices. If you love sports and any form of physical activity like dancing, then you can have a steady career in the field of health and nutrition, physical fitness and even entertainment.

After completing your Masters in Physical Education you can become a teacher or a professor in a teaching institution. You can become a physical trainer or an aerobics trainer. These career options are well paying and very much in demand for an established instructor. The attributes are agility, discipline, physical stamina, strength and fitness.

You can learn dance and open your own school, or can become a dance director or choreographer. You can either become a professional in western or in Indian form of dancing. Main attributes are talent, versatility, sense of rhythm, dedication, grace, an expressive face and body language, an ability to interpret roles, attractive appearance, stage presence, creativity, physical stamina, etc.

Career options: You can become a Physical Instructor, Teacher, Dance teacher, Choreographer, Personal trainer, Aerobics trainer, Yoga teacher, Gym co-coordinator, Nutrition expert, etc.

Whatever be your career aspirations, research well, envision your future and work hard towards it. Money and prestige follow every hard work done.

Parimita Chakravorty

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