20 September, 2010

Get the 'Aisha' look:

Aisha has been tagged as the most stylish film of the year with branded ensembles and complimenting make-up. The characters played by Sonam Kapoor, Ira Dubey, Anjali Puri and Lisa Haydon have sported a distinct look. Let us find out how you can get their look.

The main character Aisha played by Sonam Kapoor is femmine and diva like. Sometimes we see a girly streak to her. Her look can be compared to Audrey Hepburn like glamour. So the make up had to be fresh and minimal and not forced. Lip gloss, blush Minerals, khol Minerals and a lot of mineral foundation has been used to create the perfect look. Create a good foundation base and contour your face with well defined jawbone and cheek bone. Use a good bronzer and highlighter to glam up the look. Don’t go overboard, keep the look glamourous yet classy. Get glossy lips in red or pink and smokey eyes. Make sure to highlight either the eyes or the lips. If you wear a red lip colour go light on the eye make up. If you wear a smokey eye, go light on the lip gloss.

Aisha’s best friend Pinky is played by Ira Dubey who is more experimental and edgy with her look. She is loud yet trendy with her make-up. To get her look, use neon colours in your make-up. Wear massive big false eye lashes. Pinky’s look is all about colour and edgy make-up dimensions like wearing two stark coloured eye shadows at the same time or wearing hot pink lipstick with sky blue eye shadow. Shirin merchant suggests, “You should use a good make-up remover to remove such make-up off your skin.”

Aisha’s new friend Shefali played by Amrita Puri is a small town girl with no taste. But over the course of narration she turns into a chic fashionista herself. The transition is made into a girly yet stylish look. To create her look you will need a bit of mineral foundation to get an even skin tone and a bit of mascara and a pink gloss. At times you can play up your eyes with volumising mascara for those girly batting eye lashes.

Aisha’s rival Aarti played by Lisa Haydon has a corporate and sleek look. She comes out to be sexy and suave in her elegant make-up. To create her look, get perfect face contouring with dark blusher. Get chiseled jawline and cheek bones. Keep the eyes dark with a lighter variant of smokey eye make-up. Shades of grey, black, purple and dark browns can be used to create dark well defined eyes with loads of mascara. But keep the lips nude with natural gloss.

Don’t just apply a bit of eyeliner and gloss and call it a day. Try the ‘Aisha’ look to get noticed.

Parimita Chakravorty

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