08 June, 2010


Take years off your face with sassy hairstyles that compliment your personality. Your hairstyle is really pivotal to make or break your look. Let’s find out how to look young and sexy with the right hair style for you.

1. Uber chic, updos: Classic updos, half updos and all the other variants give you a perfect young and natural look. It adds to your height and the freeflys help to frame the face making it look slimmer and younger. For half updos, take the middle portion of hair leaving aside the hair at the hairline and back of you head. Do a back comb on the middle portion and put hair spray to create a base. Now take the hair from you hair line and even it out with a comb on the middle portion. Pin it up at the back of the base. It will give you volume and puff at the crown. The lose hair can be styled in waves or curls. You can add some spark by using a few well-chosen accessories like silk flowers or other softer hair pieces. Sunita Motwani Makhija, director, Schnell Hans advises, “An elegant updo will give you a classy edge, ideal for any party or occasion.”

2. Loose bun: Loose buns are sexy and simple and make you look younger as they give a young belle like appeal. They help to camouflage the older looking skin on the neck and highlight the facial features. Gather hair into a low pony tail and fix it with a band. Divide the hair into two sections. Wrap one section of the hair in one direction till it looks like a bun.. Set it up with bobby pins. Now take the second section and wrap it around the bun in the opposite direction. Again set it up with bobby pins. Don’t worry if a few strands slip out as they will add the glamour quotient.

3. Curlicious: Long, curly layers aren't just the domain of teenagers. Style yourself in hot curls, loose waves for shoulder length hair, angel curls, as all of them help to shed off a few years. Soft curls look girlish and help to frame the face if you have sagging skin or contour . Make sure they're brushed through, tousled and natural-looking.You can add a few highlights to add some drama to the whole look. Sunita suggests to apply gel or styling glaze for natural and soft curl finish that's full of bounce.

4. Short cuts: Spiky short shag or shoulder length shag helps to look younger as it lends height and volume to your hair. As we get older, hair becomes finer and this cut makes the hair look voluminous. Sunita Motwani Makhija, advises that “Fine hair looks fuller when it's shorter. Add extra lift with some mousse and blow dry upside down to get volume.” A side bang cut with short layers around the face and neck hides age instantly as the bangs cover the fine lines on forhead and the layers cover the skin on the neck. Apply lots of lift and highlights around the face to add dimension. Tousled pixie cut with lots of layers, lots of lift, zig-zag parting makes hair look stunningly fresh as it knocks off the unnecesary volume around your jaw line giving you a slimming effect.

5. Chic ponytails: Ponytails are hot this season and are used to create a young and glamorous look. As all the hair is pulled back in a ponytail, it makes the skin on your face, especially the forehead skin look tight. Pull back your entire hair into a ponytail. Now put a band to hold the ponytail in its place. Take a small strand from the ponytail and put it around the ponytail covering the band in the process. Set it up with a bobby pin and enjoy the girlish fervor.

Conclusion: Better than Botox, these hair styles are age defying tricks that anyone can try. Go for your favourite hairstyle and knock off those years instantly.

Parimita Chakravorty

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