24 May, 2010

Swimwear hair:

You have the perfect swimsuit and sarong in place, but your hair is in an unflattering rubber band ruining your look completely. Here are some smart but trendy hairstyles that you can wear to the pool or the beach.

Loose waves

Shirin Merchant, owner of Kut and Make saloon suggests that hair left loose naturally adds the required sensuality to your beach wear. Naturally air dried hair look absolutely fab with a beach wear. Or you can simply add waves to your loose hair for that added bounce. Make sure that hair does not fall on your face. Take two strands from either side of you face and tie them at the end or create a half updo on your crown to avoid having hair on your face. Use hair accessories like bands, floral hair pieces or scarf for that extra glamour.

French braid

Shirin suggests wearing a French braid with your beach wear. It holds your hair at one place, yet giving it a sophisticated touch. It helps to highlight the sun kissed face (specially the check bones) but looks trendy with any outfit. Make it haphazard and loose so that a few wisps of hair fall on the side of your face. To avoid too much drying up of hair, one could spray water mixed with a few drops of olive oil. It gives the hair much needed moisturized appearance and also protects hair from the sun to a certain extent.

High pony tail

Shirin states that this is a low maintenance style. Pull all your hair back to the crown. Tighten it with a band and then take a strand of hair and wrap it around the pony tail covering the band. Set up the ends with a bobby pin. Set up the frizz with the olive oil and water solution. This look highlights the face and the features and also gives respite from heat.

Side Bun

Side buns are a blessing in the summer months. They have a boho-chic appeal and lend an air of care freeness to your over all look. They are easy to maintain and give you relief from heat and sweat. After a side parting, sweep all the hair to one side of your head. Set it up in a bun with the help of bobby pins. Make it look as effortless as possible. If a few strands slip out of the hold, that is even better as it will look sexy with your beach wear. Accessorise with floral hair pieces.

Loose bun

Loose buns are sexy and simple. Gather hair into a low pony tail and fix it with a band. Divide the hair into two sections. Wrap once section of the hair in one direction. Set it up with bobby pins. It will look like a small bun. Now take the second section and wrap it around the bun in the opposite direction. Again set it up with bobby pins. Don’t worry if a few strands slip out as they will add the glamour quotient.

Parimita Chakravorty


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