13 March, 2010

Body make-up: do you need it?

A beautiful face commands attention, so does a beautiful hand or feet. Many want to achieve an over all perfection. And body make-up comes handy to make you picture perfect.

Many are not blessed with a perfect skin. They have birth marks, burn scars, skin pigmentation, sun tans and other skin discolouration on arms, legs, waist, back, neck etc. Body make up helps to make the skin tone even and create a flawless look. Shonali Mohite suggests that “Body make-up is required to conceal scars, marks and blemishes to achieve a perfect look.”

Many useful products are available in the market to give your body ample of glow and sheen. These products are well designed to cover most of the flaws with perfection. Tan sprays, bronzer, shimmer powders, body concealer, glosses, light reflective body oils, body glow and air sprays are available to get you a super glam body.

If your veins are showing or you have a little scar on your knee from a childhood bruise or freckles on your arms, everything can be camouflaged with the help of these products. At times body make up is used to cover tattoos as well.

If you want to wear a two-piece swimsuit but are worried about the surgery mark on your waist then you can apply water resistant concealing spray or liquid make-up to cover up the mark. Even stretch marks can be taken care of with the help of body make-up.

You can create an even tone on all the exposed skin of your body with the help of loose mineral or light reflecting powder. Use the bronzer on your shoulders, back or navel to achieve the glam goddess body look for a party.

Berzin Irani suggests that a body make-up can be used by people on a normal day if they want to hide their scars, pigmentation and marks. Tan lotions, powders or sprays can be used by women and men who intend to create a tanned look for a beach side or pool. But for others it is not necessary to use body make up on a normal day.

Models on catwalk or shoots may require a body make-up more than anybody else on a normal day. Usually body make-up is used on special occasions, marriages or night time parties as it is time consuming and precision is required for a natural look. Over use or improper application may create an over done, cakey finish which may look ghastly.

To conclude we can say that body make up is as important as a face make-up for over all beauty. It helps to enhance confidence in people who suffer from any sort of skin flaws. It helps to achieve certain cosmetic results for others who want to flaunt a perfect body. It is catching up with the crowd and is here to stay. Body make-up is a blessing for many who want to achieve a flawless look.

Parimita Chakravorty


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