17 December, 2008


We all have pressures in our life, but learning how to unwind; putting aside time for ourselves and saying no once in a while can make all the difference. Whatever your age and circumstances, chances are you have heard the word ‘stress’. It seems that despite all the labour-saving devices, we are busier and more stressed than ever. So in this hectic time pressured world, how can we make ourselves feel healthier and happier?

In moderation, pressure is not actually bad for us. In fact, it can be what spurs us to achieve more in life. But the kind of sustained pressure, or stress as is a different thing. Stress can be defined as an adverse reaction a person has to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed upon them. Stress and pressure occur when e have more than e can deal. To deal with Stress, we need to first know how to handle it. The first step is to be realistic and accept that certain amount of stress is unavoidable and nobody is completely exempt.

Try to establish the root cause of your pressure and work towards improving the condition. Remember, every problem has a solution. Don’t try to be perfect in everything. If you observer around you, you will find that no one has a totally calm and pressure-free life so why feel let down if you have problems. Don’t blame someone else for your stress. Take responsibility of your situation and then choose ways to deal with it. Don’t take on things, learn to delegate and share. Learn to say no.

Parimita Chakravorty

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